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Al-Sharqawi meets the director of "Tahia Misr" and representatives of a Drug Saudi Co.
25 Sep 2017
Dr. Ashraf Al-Sharqawi, Minister of Public Business Sector, Mohamed Ashmawy, Executive Director of Tahia Misr Fund, met with a representative of a leading Saudi pharmaceutical company in the Middle East, Mohamed Wanis, Chairman of the Drug Holding Company and Dr. Mohie Eldin Kamal, Chairman of El Nasr pharmaceutical chemicals Company .
The Saudi company, together with the Tahia Misr Fund, expressed its desire for long term cooperation with El Nasr pharmaceutical chemicals Company  in the activity of the pharmaceutical raw materials industry in the Arab Republic of Egypt, by entering into one of the different partnership ways which will be agreed upon in the next phase between the two parties for the benefit of both parties.
The Saudi company aims at benefiting from the basic elements available to El Nasr pharmaceutical chemicals Company from infrastructure, licenses, trained workers and existing production lines, with the Saudi company contributing to the rehabilitation and development of some existing production lines and adding new production lines to produce new products in the Egyptian market, With the rehabilitation of the current employment to work on the modern production lines so that the factory will be in accordance with good manufacturing practices With the extraction of certificates of credit for the factory"GMP" certificates .
The Minister welcomed the Executive Director of the Fund the representatives of the Saudi company and praised the role played by the Fund in the development of Egyptian society. He expressed his welcome to cooperate with them in a way that benefits all parties and serves the Egyptian drug market on one hand and the development of public sector companies on the other hand.
The Minister directed the Drug Holding Company and El Nasr Company  to start immediately with the Saudi company in carrying out the necessary studies and conducting joint field visits to find out the current status of the factories and sections to be developed and the production lines to be pumped or refurbished to comply with international standards with this project.
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